Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bump, build, blocks, baby and ball

Monday 12th Jan. Asher loved her bath with Ruth this evening. She was actually due to have some milk and I thought she would perhaps join Ruth afterwards. It was not to be though - and for the first time we have found something that trumps "milk". She LOVES water and so there was no way she was not getting to enjoy that bath. And enjoy it she did. Brendon let her sit in the bath without her ring. She had so much fun slipping down and letting the back of her head go into the water.
Tuesday 13th Jan. The kids enjoyed a full day of play with Logan and Brooke. Hezekiah loved having  'big brother' to play with. He did have a rather rough day though. He tripped and got a bad bump and cut on his head. Then later he got a nasty cut on his foot. I eventually managed to get his foot clean and then I put some antiseptic cream on with a plaster. He felt better having a sock over the plaster, and just needed some time to rest and feel better.
Wednesday 14th Jan. Dearest Asher was woken abruptly this morning by a seizure. She sat up looking at me as the shaking just took over. She stayed conscious with this one and I could see in her face that the shaking was scaring her. I am glad I was right there, able to talk to her, comfort and reassure her. Thankfully it only lasted a minute and her breathing was ok. I let her lie with Ruth while I got her morning meds. She didn't have a solid sleep afterwards and was rather grumpy through the morning. She also had a really loose stool during the morning (which often accompanies teething with my kids), and so I checked her mouth and yip - the molar on the other side is coming through. It's almost out though - so hopefully it won't bother her for too much longer. I think it added to her grumpy disposition for the day though.
Logan and Brooke came for a day of play again. After lunch Brooke and Hannah headed off to Noor to play with her grandson who is visiting.
Hezekiah watched a movie while he had his lunch and so that left Ruth and Logan to create their own game. So they made a fort in the hedge. They asked if they could use some stones for the path.
It was fun to see it develop through the afternoon.
It was sweet to see Asher and Hezekiah playing with the lego together. Hezekiah being a great big brother and making stacks for Asher to break up.
He did also get to make a really big tower. He specifically kept all the blue ones for the top. :-)
This week I discovered that Anne of Green Gables is available as an audiobook for FREE. So I got it loaded onto the iPod for Ruth and she enjoyed being a bit like Rachel today - listening to a story while she works in the kitchen. I was so very pleased that the story caught Ruth's attention. Although she is a very proficient reader - she does not enjoy reading. So having an audiobook for her is great.
On Friday I managed to get a photo of Shadow with her doll. While Rachel has been away, Ruth and Hannah take turns letting her off in the morning. They struggle though as she is so excited in the morning and jumps on them. So I found a solution. Shadow does not chase a ball - but she chases the doll. Funny dog. :-) So as soon as they have let her off - they throw her doll for her and she runs back and forth with the excitement - distracting her from jumping.
She is really good with bringing it back too. So fun to be able to play fetch with her now.
Asher is getting so good with these toys. She always stacks the circles first though. I had to smile the one day as she made sure that the red one was on the top of each stack.
We had so much fun in the afternoon teaching Hezekiah some soccer skills. He can kick so well. He just didn't want to use his feet to stop the ball - and kept picking it up and placing it to kick again. At one point he said "I will never use my feet" but it wasn't a few minutes later that he tried again and then started to get it.
Such a cutie.
Saturday 17th. Asher loves the balls too. I had fun watching her this morning. She spent ages with the balls, and kept throwing or kicking them from one side of the room to the other. I loved how they were all lined up. As soon as I got the camera out she came over and said her version of "cheese". :-)
We headed down to the pool in the afternoon and unfortunately, again, Asher only managed a few minutes of swimming before having a seizure. So I sat cuddling her while she napped and the others got to swim.
That brings it up to 7 seizures in the first 17 days of the year. We have gotten a formula for a combination homoeopathic remedy from our friends (who are now in Dubai). They used it with good success for epilepsy in their practice in South Africa years ago, so we have gotten the formula to our homoeopathic pharmacy here in NZ and they are going to make it up as close as they can (12 of the 14 ingredients being the same - although in a different potency). We hope to get that next week and pray that God would graciously allow it to help reduce the frequency of these seizures.
Thankfully she didn't have a very long sleep, so she was not up too late.
Ruth handed out the loom band crosses at church in the evening and she said she could have made many more. The 20 she had went very quickly.
On Saturday morning they headed outside for some soccer (Asher enjoying the sand pit behind them). I just love this one of Hezekiah's face. You can just see how much fun he was having.
Our new neighbour, Anthony, had played with the others a few times in the week. When he saw them outside this morning, he came over to join in the fun.

Asher joined in too.

The children had a great time playing through the afternoon too. We had to smile when we spotted Hezekiah - on top of the dog kennel. Hannah came in telling us that he was stuck up there. He however, was not at all worried. He was happily making a concoction of something in the watering can.

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