Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hobbit and hop in

Monday 22nd: Asher amazed me today as I watched her put all the pieces of this puzzle into the right places. She sometimes needed help turning them around (especially the clock and butterfly) but she knew where they must go.
She had been playing outside with Ruth in the afternoon and then came inside crying. Normally she would just want to stay outside - so I knew something was up. She went to the room and wanted her blanket and fell asleep in my arms. I suspect she had a short vacant seizure outside, as she would not otherwise want to sleep at 4 in the afternoon. She only slept for about 30 minutes and then heard Brendon's ute arrive home. She woke up and went out to say hi. So at least she bounced back quickly.
Tuesday 23rd: The children were so pleased to have Logan and Brooke come and play today. Hezekiah especially loves having another boy around.
Picnic lunch.

And then Rachel and Ruth headed out with Brendon for dinner and the final Hobbit movie.

Brendon took this photo at the theatre. She wanted one with her cloak on and at a poster. Please also note the elf ears. :-) Ruth even heard a girl saying "look, there's an elf". :-)
Wednesday 24th. Nothing like knowing Dad is heading home and a trip to the pool is possible - to get three little willing helpers to hang the nappies up.

And how wonderful to see those lovely temperatures. It was such a hot day - up to 33 this afternoon.
Asher could not wait to get in.
Today she just wanted to swim. We did eventually get her to put her feet down though - and she can walk around in the little pool - only 65cm deep.
The 3 big girls enjoying the big pool.
Hezekiah and Asher went between small and big. After I took this photo I joined them and we all had a great time.
And then after dinner, at around 6:30, Asher had another vacant seizure. It was only about 2 minutes and again she was more concious through it, even able to move herself around. I can't always explain it very well, but Brendon and I can most often tell when it is over. Her breathing comes right and there is something in her eyes that just lets us know when she is having a seizure.
She had her normal 1 hour sleep afterwards - Brendon able to have a little nap with her too. It's been so hot and he has been working so hard.
I did call the hospital this evening (why Asher was with Brendon) and they even called her neurologist at home. He does not feel these seizures are related to her new medication. So he has advised that we continue with the plan.

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