Sunday, January 12, 2014

Time together

As we did not really know how long Asher and I would still be in the hospital, Brendon came through for a visit with the children on Thursday evening. Hezekiah loved checking out the nurses station. It was a good thing we left so quickly. A much too busy little boy. :-)
The social worker had been chatting to me about perhaps being able to claim for some help with the travelling costs with all the trips to the hospital. She also mentioned that if the family wanted to stay at Ronald MacDonald house, it could be arranged. I knew Brendon would not like the idea of having to get 4 children packed for a night out - so I asked if we could perhaps just use there facilities for our dinner and a visit.
They had never had a request like that before - but were happy for us to bring our dinner and use the space to just have some good time together. Lovely to be able to sit around a table for dinner and then have space for the children to play.
Hezekiah had wanted to give Asher a hug as soon as they got to the hospital. And then while we were here he insisted that she have a ride with him. It was such a blessing to me to see his wonderful love for her. What a great big brother he is already for Asher.
This picture is a good representation of Asher's state this week. She has had to relearn how to smile. It's sad to see this little face so lifeless.
Enjoying the other outdoor toys.
And the big indoor play area.
Hannah loved the helicopter.
And Hezekiah the car.
A photo from Friday at home. Brendon had decided to just take the day off and be home with the children.
We were very pleased when the doctors agreed that Asher was coping well with the meds and with no more seizure activity it was safe for us to head home. Brendon left the children at the Love family on the way and it was nice for us to have a quiet trip back together.
Brendon got to work on the deck a bit more. It's looking great.
It was lovely to see Asher enjoying being home again. She had gotten some bubbles at the hospital, so they children headed outside to enjoy them.
It was lovely to see Asher's improvement through the day.
By the evening we had this happy little face back and it was such a huge blessing.
Sweet thing. I have really missed her this week with her just not being herself.
It is just wonderful to see the sparkle back in her eyes.
Hair washing time for Ruth and Hannah. Ruth had a laugh at how her hair floated when she first got in the bath.
And Hannah amazed us all by actually asking Dad to wash her hair and not making a peep. Brendon had said he should probably get his ear muffs (because she normally screams so much) but she told him it was not necessary. She was a star.
And look at those lovely curls.
It was lovely to get out for a family walk on Sunday morning before church. Hannah enjoyed pushing Asher most of the way.

Just lovely to all be together again.
It was also great to get to catch up with everyone at church and for them to see Asher looking so much better than the week before.

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