Sunday, January 19, 2014

Swimming, friends and wood

I only heard on Friday that there would not be a "demonstration" event on the Saturday as there normally is after swimming week. So I was veyr thankful when Tina (our neighbour) asked for my e-mail address so she could send me some pictures of Rachel and Ruth's swimming.
Rachel was so pleased to have the same teacher again this year. He is really good and the children all like him.
Rachel has been really pleased with all that she has accomplished this week. They have learnt a lot of survival type skills as well as built up their stamina. She has been really pleased with how many lengths she has been able to swim.
One of Ruth's highlights of every year is this swim week. She is our little fish who just loves the water.
Learning different ways of getting into the pool.
On Friday morning Brooke came for a visit again. They had fun building a complicated marble chaser (with a bit of help from me).
After lunch the 3 Spencer girls came for a visit and Dutch Blitz was enjoyed again. When Kerry came to pick them up managed to visit for a bit before they needed to head off. So it was lovely having the extra company through the day. It's the best part of the holidays for the girls.
Ruth took this photo of the puzzle Brooke did.
It was raining when Brendon got home and so that delayed the wood slitting for a bit. Alby had offered to help when he could and got about an hours work of work done before dinner. Rachel and Brendon then got a bit more done after the other children had gone to bed.
Brendon and I got started as early as we could. Alby was working in the morning and ended up having guests till after dinner - so it was a family effort mainly to get it done.
11am and a bit frustrated as to how long it's taking. The splitter was rather slow.
Ruth was a great helper though.
And even Hannah helped a bit with some smaller pieces.
Rachel went for a lovely long ride late morning (till 1pm). I was glad she got to join Christine. She does much prefer riding with someone and has not gotten to ride much lately.
Progress at 3:30pm
Rachel giving a hand again.
Alby came after his guests left after dinner and Brendon and he worked till just before 10pm. I managed to help them as well for a little while but eventually we just had to stop as the light was almost gone. I was really thankful for his help as they got so much done in those hours. There was just a bit left which we managed to get finished off on Sunday (without interrupting our other plans for the day).
Below are the comparison photos from Friday late afternoon to Sunday afternoon when it was all finally finished.

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