Sunday, June 16, 2013

Horses and a piano

14 June. It was a "teachers only" day for the school today so Rachel and Georgia spent a few hours together with the horses after lunch. It's lovely for her to have the company. She says it gets a bit boring riding in the field on her own. So a lovely treat for her. Georgia is normally only back from school after 3pm and it's just better in winter for Auto to have a ride soon after lunch. He is getting rather old now and by 3pm it is already cooling off.
Thanks Tina (Georgia's Mum) for these first 3 photos.
What a beautiful day for it too.
With 2 children under 2 it's not that easy to get out there to take nice photos. This was the photo I managed to take from the deck.
They had such a fun time. Georgia has also told Rachel a lot about horse riding camps that are available and Rachel is saving up to go on one. Preferable not during the cold winter months though.
Rachel wanted to create two different runs that intertwined as well as keep their colours separate. She had struggled to execute her plan though - so today I sat and helped her design what she had thought up.
 15 June. Noortje needed a bit of help with her tablet today - so I headed over to her place after lunch so that I could also get a video (or two) of Ruth and her playing together. 
Ruth has been so excited about their duets and has wanted me to get to hear them playing for a few days now. I am so glad I could get there today. It reminds me of all the lovely memories I have of playing duets with my piano teacher. It really motivates you to keep learning as it just sounds so lovely.
On our way back we quickly got this photo of Rachel before heading inside - out of the rain and freezing cold wind.
Christine had a dressage lesson booked and she told Rachel that she could have the second part of the lesson on Jo. What an absolute treat. The lesson and the time on Jo. She was warming him up at this stage while Christine finished up her lesson but we were far too cold to stay and watch.
16 June. Brendon finally got time to build his own marble run today. He made it a bit hight so we did not leave it out as it gets dangerous with Hezekiah wanting to climb on chairs to reach - specifically as he has socks on to keep his feet warm on these cold days.
So I designed a lower one and had fun using an idea I had thought of yesterday - making 4 different runs - each run following just one colour and having them all finish in the same spot. I love how something so simple will get a "wow" from the girls. Even Rachel (and perhaps specifically Rachel as she knows how tricky it can be to excecute a plan you have in your mind). :-)
While Hannah sings on the toilet - Asher talks on the potty. Funny girls. :-)
Asher normally does her wee as soon as I have her on the potty - but if there is someone in the room she tends to get distracted. I normally have to ask the person to leave so that can concentrate and do her wee. Because I had been standing there trying to get her to relax with the camera (she stopped talking as soon as she saw it) I think she could just not hold on any more. So when she gets quiet - you know what she is doing (and you will hear if your speakers are up load enough). ;-)

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