Sunday, August 19, 2012

August catch up - Part 1

Tuesday 14th - I finally got one of these for Hezekiah to eat apple with. Apple has just been too dangerous to give him as he tends to swallow the piece before he has chewed it enough - so this is perfect. He gets practice at chewing the piece and enjoying all the juice. I would then open it up and give him all the apple pulp which he enjoyed eating too.
It always amazes me how quickly babies can learn things. It did not take him long at all to figure this new thing out.
Thursday 16th - it was great to have the Kerry and the children pop over for a visit today. It was really sweet to see Hannah "reading" a book to Katie.

Say "cheese".
All the older girls had their noses in books too.
Hezekiah really enjoys these indoor bowls and even though they are quite heavy he has strengthened his hands enough to pick them up with one hand. He loves taking them out and putting them back again.

Saturday 18th - This little boy sure loves mud.
Brendon managed to borrow some brushes to clean our chimney today. It felt so much better with him being on such a flat roof compared to the last house. At least he can clean it often himself now. We can save a bit on chimney sweeps in this house which is great.
Sunday 19th - the girls had their Ballet Medal tests today. They have both practiced well for them and were both excited about the day. I am so glad they don't get too nervous. I suspect Ruth might be a bit nervous - but the more exams, tests and concerts she does the easier they get. Rachel on the other hand has just loved them right from the start. I think that helps Ruth though as she realizes there is nothing to be worried about - just enjoy it.

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