Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Loads of snow

7:30am - still dark out but so beautiful to see a snow covered garden.
At 5am when I got up the garden was already white.
Only at 5:30 did it start building up on the road. Brendon was off to work at 7.
8am - Just so beautiful
Out the back door.
Back garden - and the snow keeps coming.
We lost Internet connection for a bit. When it came back on Rachel said the snow had probably finally gotten too much and fallen off. The hill it's pointing too many have been more of the problem though. There must be loads up there.
Such an amazing winter wonderland. Just stunning.
9am and the girls were out. They decided to have breakfast first.
Rachel being the horse again. :-)
Snow ball (or block) fights where enjoyed by all.
9:50am The girls had come in to dry off and warm up but when they saw the neighbours playing outside they headed out again.
Mum's job - getting clothes dried off in between sessions. So at least they only use 2 sets of clothes through the day. :-)
After lunch I bundled Hezekiah up for his first outing in the snow.
As it had stopped snowing we took a walk up to the shops.
Once we got back he was not happy going inside and so I took the gloves (ok - socks) off his hands and he enjoyed playing with the snow. When I took him inside he started crying and crawling to the door. So he spend a few more minutes outside before we made sure we could get those hands warmed up.
Ruth made this snow man after our walk - with a little bit of help from Hannah.
I love the detail in the face. They then added arms too.
Patches loves the snow and we often see her running around chasing things and having so much fun.
Ruth and Hannah starting on another creation before heading inside.
Brendon was home by 3 (which was great) but the snow was really coming down again - so sledding had to be put off (with the hopes of getting some done tomorrow). This show was taken at 5pm. Quite a bit of snow had fallen over the previous 2 hours.
The deck had been walked on and played with a lot but the new snow has started building up quite a bit.
5:10pm and a shot with flash.
5:10 without the flash.
This tree had almost no snow on at 2pm - so it's been wonderful to watch it load up again this afternoon.

Brendon decided to check how much had build up on the corner of the deck (where perhaps the girls had not taken any off). He says it's at least 10 cm.
Some could have melted through the middle of the day though.
It's been a beautiful day. Thank You Lord.

7pm and already at least 18cm on the deck.
Considering there was at least 5 cm here this morning that we walked all over and flattened - we have surely had well over 20 cm already.

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