Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy girls

It was Rachel and I off to Rocking Frog yesterday and we had such a lovely time just chatting. I am so very glad we have started this tradition and I can see that I will possibly need to make some extra "special time" spots through the weeks because I don't want to wait another 6 weeks to have that time with Rachel again (her next weekend outing in 3 weeks will be with Dad). So I look forward to seeing how we can set up new habits in the weeks ahead.
Rachel and I had a productive weekend too. She baked another biscuit recipe that I have not made for years and years. You make a basic dough and then split it into 3 parts and add different things. One got chocolate chips (ok - this was 1/2 the mixture) and the other half we split into "oats and cinnamon" and then a lovely nut one. The recipe is for almond essence and chopped almonds. I had the almond essence but decided to try use the walnuts I had (as I did not have almonds) and they are so yummy. I think we will be doing these more regularly now too. :-) I got a huge pot of pumpkin and kumara cooked up for Hezekiah as well as cooking up the last of the apples Brendon and Rachel had picked a little while back.
Ruth had fun making some music this morning. She is by far the best out of all of us on this instrument. Graham gave it to us in SA and we were so pleased it fitted into one of our bags. It's like a didgeridoo - just made out of metal instead of wood. Ruth gets a wonderful sound out of it.
This afternoon / evening Noortje asked if Ruth would like to go with her to the "Messy Church" in Amberley. Ruth was thrilled. They had a great time and learnt about God as the Good Shepherd. Ruth enjoyed the whole experience - including bring biscuits home for the family as well as having something to do that only she got to do (there was not space in the car for the others to go as well).

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