Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dearest friend

Debbie finally got a cuddle with Hezekiah this morning. I tend to forget that she can’t just pick him up but needs him put in her arms. I think she has been looking forward to this since Friday afternoon.
It was great catching up with many people at church this morning and then having a bring-and-braai in the afternoon. As Liz is leaving for Pretoria tomorrow it was a bit of a farewell for her too. One of the guests asked Debbie if he should come around a bit earlier to light the fire. He was a bit unsure of the capabilities of the NZ guest of actually getting a braai right.

We had a lovely afternoon of fellowship.
After Ruth’s hug goodnight they went for a tumble (Debbie was sitting on the floor and so it was far too tempting for her). Debbie so enjoys children and I miss having her close for regular visits. Rachel was really blessed to have her as our closest family friend for the years we spent in Polokwane. She is my dearest friend and I do not look forward to our goodbye tomorrow.

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