Monday, February 13, 2012

Art on holiday

Ruth spotted this monkey this morning while we were packing up.

They are so going to enjoy our time at Mabula when they get so excited about seeing one wild animal.
Once Graham was packed he entertained Hezekiah so that we could get the last things done. And even though Graham kept wanting to lift him up, Hezekiah kept pushing his head back as he obviously enjoyed being up side down.
Thankfully the car started with no trouble today.
Once we were back at my parents house Hannah finished her picture with some water and a brush.
Brendon had put his back out in the pool yesterday and I was struggling with my upper back too - so we headed off for a visit with a chiropractor and while we were away Ruth and Graham made this.

This evening Hannah and Ruth enjoyed a rough game outside. Hannah really is a little Tom boy and enjoys wrestling. Hezekiah and her are going to have a great time when he is a bit bigger.

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