Monday, December 5, 2011

Last and first

Today I chaired my last Amuri District Girl Guiding Meeting. I have been the District Co-ordinator for 2 years now and finally decided that life is just too busy. I really enjoyed my monthly meetings in town but the traveling for that has also become just a bit more tricky having a baby who needs me for food. It was great helping in this role and I did learn a lot too - about Guiding and myself.
The girls were thrilled to get started on some Jesse Tree decorations today. We will not be moving before Christmas anymore (I will give more details in Wednesday's post) so it is great to have the time to do a Jesse Tree this year. A face book friend has been posting the photos of what she is doing with paper plates this year so we are getting all our ideas from her. What a blessing technology can be.
Ruth painted the rainbow and we got some really lovely indigo and violet colours mixed. Once the "proper" painting was done Hannah used up all the extra bits in painting the newspaper. When I asked her to tell Dad what she did today she said "painted indigo-violet".
Curd - already cut.
And my "first" for today was making cheese. I looked online and found two almost identical recipes for cottage cheese using rennet - so I gave it a go. It was lovely to get to use my thermometer, rennet and cheese cloth for the first time. Not to mention "cutting the curd". And what a lovely afternoon snack.
Brendon suggested adding some chopped up gherkins and so we had that on crackers to add to Rachel's baking for this evening's meeting. Yummmyyyyy.

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