Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas weekend

Hezekiah almost rolling over.
Yesterday after lunch we headed over to the Sterns. We had a lovely time of fellowship with them and enjoyed a bbq tea together. Ruth was pleased to be able to help with the meat.
Ruth also entertained us by seeing if she could fit underneath the side table.
Hannah and Ruth had a giggle session. Rachel enjoyed watching Happy Feet and reading a book. Unfortunately the Stern's children had stayed in town yesterday - so it was only our children.
Thankfully Hannah and Ruth kept each other entertained most of the time and Rachel always loves looking for a book to read on their big bookshelf.
On Sunday morning Rachel was up early as usual but had to wait a good hour and a half for the others to wake up. And even though there are not many presents under our tree it's still exciting for the girls.
And yes - they DID all "just" get books. ;-)
We seem to have started a bit of a tradition to use the grandparents money and our own to buy one "big" gift. The first year it was the netball hoop, then the trampoline. This year we are planning on buying them a Wendy House for the new house. We will look at organizing it all once we have moved in. As we are leaving for SA 3 weeks later - it will probably be done when we get back. As Nana said - it will be something for them to look forward to after their exciting South African holiday.
We headed into town for church this morning. The girls have been practicing a new song that the children sang during the service. This must have been one of the main highlights for Hannah today.

Then we headed over to the house of one of the Pastors for a shared lunch. There were over 30 people there and we had a lovely time. The girls especially had fun as there were so many children (especially little girls between 3 and 6 years old). Unfortunately this was the only photo I got (just before we left). We were just having such a lovely time of fellowship the camera was totally forgotten.

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