Monday, December 26, 2011

Cats and cuddles

We enjoyed watching Patches cuddle up to Tiger this afternoon. The second photo is quite typical of Hannah - she very quickly got a "no" from Mum and Dad. Tiger always looks so much bigger than Patches so it was a surprise to see how long she is too. Her leg is doing a lot better as she has started limping on it now. Before she would not put it down at all. We hope it continues to improve.
Brendon worked this morning as he will be doing for all 4 public holidays over this period. It's a nice way of adding days to his leave as he gets a day off for the public holidays that he works.
There was a movie that we wanted to let the girls watch at 5 and so they decided to rather cool off with the sprinkler and not head down to the pool. Unfortunately our Freeview decoder overheated and so they missed the movie after all. It sure was hot today though.

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