Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lots of Sorting

Another enjoyable 2 hours spend outside by the girls before lunch. I just love the games they come up with and how much fun they have playing together. There is a nice big tree just down from our garden with a sort-of tree house which has been quite lately as well as heading down to the pile of dead trees waiting to be burnt (just further behind them in the picture) and climbing all over those. It's so nice that I don't have to worry about snakes out there.
With them happily entertained I decided to get stuck into sorting my bulk food supplies. I have these packets in at least 3 different places and finally enough was enough and I wanted to do some sorting. First I had to get all the packets from all the different cupboards together. And these weren't even all of them (and does not include the more "bulk" items which are stored elsewhere).
I used to have preserve bottles (not fancy ones - just old mayo or jam bottles) in half this cupboard but as the bottles are mostly empty now I decided they could just be stored upstairs and these cupboards can finally be used more effectively. So it was bottles out (only around 4 or 5 left with things in them - bottom right), cupboard cleaned and then sorting and packing. There were a couple of items I had 2 open bags for (how frustrating) and others which I realized I was running out of. So it was great to get it all organized. The only down side was how high this cupboard was and so I did a lot of climbing up and down my kitchen steps to get everything packed. By lunch time I was EXHAUSTED. I was even too tired to make myself lunch. I ended up having a chocolate bar for lunch (how naughty is that) but then felt quite a bit better so I made myself some proper lunch and got some more sorting done in the afternoon. I started on the pantry cupboard! I cleaned, covered and sorted one shelf and so well predicted Rachel's response - "cool". I first gave the shelf a good scrub down but as they are quite marked I decided to cover them with some wall paper samples I got years ago. Even though Rachel helped me with the wall paper she was just so thrilled with the result. And I was thrilled to finally get started on sorting these kitchen cupboards.

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