Friday, July 1, 2011

Hair and toes

This morning I got the last of the braids tightened before going to Music and Movement. Ruth was so pleased to be wearing another of her "new" skirts.
And this is one of her favourite ways to wear her hair. With butterfly clips. I need to find some more though because typical of Belinda I want the clips to match each other and what she is wearing. :-)
This afternoon Brendon had a follow up appointment with the homeopath. Although he did have a headache once this last month it was not a bad one and there have also been other improvements in things that he considered just "part of life" - like the heartburn he would get whenever he had to do a lot of bending over at work. They discussed it all and she has decided to repeat the same remedy - so hopefully as the months go things just continue to improve.
I had asked Brendon to get some Chinese food on his way home but unfortunately it took longer than expected and Hannah was hungry. I offered them left over butternut (I had roasted a HUGE one with a pork roast earlier this week) and they were both happy to have that with a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled over. Hannah is on her second bowl in this photo and did have a good meal of Chinese when they got home too. So we will have to see how things go with her eating over the next week or so.
Brendon had also taken Ruth for a follow up appointment as her motion sickness seems to have come back as well as getting sore legs and feet every now and again. Brendon mentioned that she has also had what seems to be Athletes foot recently with very itchy toes. When they took her socks and shoes off though - they discovered swollen toes. It's been 2 years since Ruth last had swollen fingers and it was a bit of a shock for me to see that it had come back. The 2nd toe on each foot and the little toe on the other are all quite swollen and red. I can only think this last week's cold weather triggered it again. I pray that the Lord would guide the homeopath as she thinks through a remedy for Ruth (it may just be a repeat of the previous one that is needed) and that they do clear up soon.

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