Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A lovely last minute plan

When we got back to Julia after the Ballet exams to pick up Hannah we noticed that Brian and Maureen were there. Brian was helping Brian and Julia cut down some trees. Hannah was so pleased when she saw Maureen (yes - the same Maureen who is my midwife) and although she wanted to watch the tree cutting could not handle the noise. Julia got some ear muffs for her but she was not interested in wearing them.
She decided that watching from the inside of the ute was much more comfortable.
Brian saw that this tree was making a lovely bridge across the little pond - so he went to cut off all the top branches so the kids could walk over it.
I had managed to make a hair appointment for this afternoon, so the girls stayed with Julia while I popped out for that. As I was the last appointment for the day I think we ended up chatting a bit longer than normal (and perhaps my fringe ended up a bit shorter than expected) but it was one of those lovely God orchestrated conversations and so I was thankful for all the things we got to talk about. I think as we were the only two there there was an ability to really talk openly. I pray that some of the things I said may be used of the Lord in her life in the weeks ahead.
When I got back to Julia it was already almost 5pm. Julia asked what our dinner plans were and suggested Brendon just bring our things over and we all eat together. Brian and Maureen had also been invited (on the spur of the moment) to join Brian and Julia for tea. So we all got stuck in to getting dinner prepared. Hannah loved having this extra time with Maureen - especially when she popped her up next to the stove to help stir the sauce she was making. I really thank the Lord that I can have Maureen for a midwife again and that she is just so wonderful with my girls. I have said from my first home birth that it's like having a good friend come over to help with the birth. It's even more so with Maureen. What a blessing.
Ruth was thrilled when I asked her if she wanted to cut up the cucumber.
We had a lovely meal with such lovely people. Just a pity I did not leave space for me when I set up the camera for a self-timer shot. :-)
Brendon had Bible study with Steve again today so was picked up here instead of at home. The girls and I stayed for a longer visit. The girls just love visiting Julia and I so enjoyed spending the extra time with her and Maureen. Such special ladies.

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