Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeping busy

It was lovely to see Ruth reading to Hannah this morning. I can see hours spent in this way in the years ahead. What a blessing.
I had ordered a set of 8 DVDs for the girls and they arrived today in this HUGE box. Amazingly I managed to open it (and the smaller box with the DVDs in) without the girls even seeing it all. I will keep the DVDs to give to the girls for when they finish Math books and for Birthdays and Christmas. I look forward to their excitement at this "surprise". At least we will get to watch the first one after Ruth's birthday next month.
This morning Hannah opened one of the bean bags a bit (thankfully not all the way) and it made quite a mess.
The room however was in such a state that just vacuuming was not an option. So the girls got the extra job today of cleaning up the play room. We lined all the toy boxes up as there was something from every box lying around the room.
They worked really well and got it sorted before lunch. Their motivation was to be able to make Sarah's cake. They younger girls knew that if they did not work quickly enough on cleaning up the room I would ask Rachel to rather make the cake. So they were thrilled to have the room sorted and then a cake baked before lunch - yes - even licking the bowl before lunch. :-)
Hannah was so excited about doing the vacuuming herself after lunch. She is getting much better at it too.
And once the girls had a lovely clean room it motivated them to get some special games out. Hannah has not build puzzles for a while now - so it was nice to see her getting back into it. She enjoyed having Rachel encourage her along the way. Ruth enjoyed getting the peg board out and they both cleaned up so nicely when they were done. I wonder how long the clean room will last. It sure is easier to pack things away as you are done with them. I wonder when they will really learn this for themselves. :-)
While Hannah spent some time in her room I spent some time on Ruth's hair. All the little braids have grown over a centimeter already and so it was time to start tightening them.
There were a couple of sore pulls as I got used to working with my new tools, but I am getting the hang of it. It is far better than having to comb the hair and we only need to spend a little bit of time on it and not even every day. I got the front row or two done today so we can just take our time to work through the rest of her head.
Rachel has been glad that we have had something on every day this week as she is so excited about tomorrow and she knows the busier you are the quicker the time seems to go. So she was very pleased when Kerry organized for a visit for this afternoon. They all get along so very well and so they had a lovely visit.

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