Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bed, Beads and a new book

The younger girls played so nicely in their room this morning. They made this "tent" all by themselves and had such a fun time.
I had a go at something different with Ruth's hair today. She has her ballet exam next Wednesday and so I am hoping these bigger braids will help the hair stay straighter and a bit longer so that we can get it into a nice bun when we take the braids out next week. I braided about 6 smaller braids in each one and so they were fat enough to have a few beads put on. What little girl is not going to enjoy having shiny beads in her hair. :-)
This evening I started reading a book to Rachel about the Yangtze River in China. I had ordered it from the library knowing that it was not a children's book but it does sound very interesting. She is happy to spend her "reading time" with me reading to her. We read the prelude this evening and are quiet excited about learning about this amazing river.
And the reason for the big smile on Rachel's face was that Brendon held the camera the wrong way around at first. I wish he had taken a photo - but perhaps he knew I might share his funny face with all of you. ;-)

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