Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sleep, sort, nibble and pull

It's been lovely to see the cats cuddling up together for a sleep. In the 2nd photo Tiger had been sleeping and I had to laugh when I saw how Patches decided to join him. So glad he was happy with that. Rachel has even spotted Tiger licking patches. So this makes us all very pleased.
One of the small items I bought yesterday was some coloured stickers. Finally I can sort through the DVDs we have and make a note of which are regionally limited. Yellow (or you could see them as gold) are ones that only play on our SA machine (they won't play on the portable player) while the black stickers (there are 5 or 6 of them) are NZ only. So no more "Invalid Region" report for us. :-)
Hannah will regularly be heard saying "I'm hungry" through the morning (even after finishing a big bowl of porridge). I was reminded at the party last week how much she loves raw carrots and so we have gotten into the habit of having a carrot cut up for her every morning. Our happy little bunny. :-)
Rachel was so pleased this evening to be able to pull out her loose tooth. And no wonder - the next molar is already half way out. It had been quite painful for her so I am glad it's finally out the way (and that she has the courage to pull it out).

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