Friday, May 13, 2011

Pumpkin and passing on clothes

Last night Brendon did me a huge favour and cut up 3 pumpkins from our garden for me to make pumpkin soup. Again I put too much liquid in the slow cooker, so this morning it cooked on high with the lid off to reduce a bit. Rachel chopped up bacon and we fried that up to add. With a little bit of cream added (just to our bowls - not the pot as I will freeze the left over) it was a lovely meal. I am so glad Rachel is being more adventurous lately with food. She kept smelling the pot today and saying things like "yummy, I am so looking forward to dinner". I do think she will end up being much more of a cook than me - she really enjoys cooking.
We had the chimney sweep coming this morning so I manged to organize a lift to Music and Movement for the younger two. Rachel and I managed to get there as they finished though as I wanted to ask if there was anyone interested in girls clothes. There was a lady there with a very small 8 month old and she was thrilled to take ALL the bags. It was so nice to find someone who needed the clothes.
We normally store all the extra clothes in packets in our luggage bags, so it's nice to finally have the bags mostly empty. Tiger thought it was nice too - a lovely place to nap (at least for today before the bags get taken back upstairs).

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