Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lasagna - sort of

The item on today's agenda was to get 3 batches of lasagna made. Well sort of lasagna - just with cooked pasta and not lasagna sheets. Rachel does not even remember eating Lasagna before and I think the reason is I find it such a huge effort. Finally I found some foil dishes that are the right size and so I am now more than willing to go to the effort. Why - because I get three meals out of the effort and not just one! My freezer is well stocked with over a dozen meals now and it's not mainly because I am organized - it's mainly because I don't really like cooking.
Another bit behind this story is that a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about making sure I eat well after the birth. I remember Rachel putting on weight so quickly after the birth and I am sure it was because of eating good meals - even for breakfast. I remember a dish that a friend Linda brought and there was enough for me to have some for breakfast the next day. I wrote to her and asked if - by any chance - after 10 years - she remembered what the dish was. I knew it had pasta and mince and sweet corn. She did remember and sent me the recipe. It's basically lasagna with a layer of creamed corn added to the layers. Yummmyyyyy. And all the girls thought so to. Ruth was so excited that there were 3 dishes as she was hoping we would be eating it for the next 3 days. :-)
I also chatted to Rachel yesterday about the dress that she is hoping to make. She had cut out all the pieces but they have been sitting on the cutting table for ages now. I explained that if she wanted to have enough time to work on it in the afternoons she would have to work more quickly in the mornings to get her other work done. Well that was enough motivation and so even though the girls got lovely playing time outside again today - there was still time to get started on the dress. While Hannah spent some time in her room the older girls got sewing. Ruth got working on finishing the project Julia had gotten them started on and Rachel was thrilled to have the front of her dress put together. She is so excited now and I am sure it will get her other school work done in record time this week. :-)

Off to Ballet again this afternoon and the couple of extra practices Ruth has done at home are really paying off. Rachel as always is just getting things so quickly. The teacher gets her to stand behind the other girls so that they don't copy her all the time. :-) Part of the Tuesday tradition is that the girls take some of their pocket. money to buy a lolly. They normally only spend 10c but as Ruth has been saving up she has over $10 already and so decided on a more expensive lolly today (at $1.60). It's a big lolly thumb that you stick into powdered lolly and then suck off. She was pleased that she could at least share the powdered part with her sisters. :-)

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