Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bump is growing

So a friend asked for a new picture of my "bump". So this is one from a different perspective. It will be interesting to see how big this hill grows. :-)
I am just over 20 weeks now and it was lovely to have Maureen come for a visit again today. It was nice just catching up and sharing our exciting news about it being a boy. Then she tried to have a listen to his heart. First she palpates the uterus to try and work out how baby is lying (so that she knows where the best spot will be to try) and he was moving around quite a bit so she just had to give it a try. I remember with Hannah that she would get the sonic aid onto the right spot almost immediately. Not so with this boy. He just kept moving around. Eventually on the 4 or 5th spot she managed to pick up his heart beat but along with the lovely beat were these other noises from his movements. I only felt 1 of the 6 or more movements that we heard. I feel loads of movement through the day and to know that he is moving so much more than what I even feel. Wow. He really is an active little one.
Now if you are wondering if you missed any blog entries since Saturday - no - you didn't. I started with a bit of a sore throat on Saturday early morning and ended up spending Sunday morning in bed. I felt almost fine on Sunday afternoon but early on Monday morning it felt like I had razor blades in my throat it was so swore. I slept most of Monday and Tuesday mornings and kept myself dosed up on garlic and honey. It's been a rough few days and so it was nice to be feeling a bit better today. The throat is getting better but I have a cold now. Maureen encouraged me to get some time in the sun every day so I sat in the sun with the girls this afternoon and got back to doing some science experiments with them. They had so much fun looking at things that sink and float (or swim as Hannah puts it).
They also had fun learning about the force of water when trying to push a balloon into the water. If you let it go really quickly it pops up really high.
So thankful for the beautiful warm day so we could get some lovely sun and do this experiment outside.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Oh my, that IS an interesting angle! Very unique!! And growing indeed. Glad your sore throat is on the mend.