Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pigs and pine cones

We headed over to the farm this afternoon to get some pine cones. Brendon told us about this massive pine tree that he was sure would be a good place to collect. Recently they fenced off this area and put pigs in, so it was fun to have them follow the ute - hoping we had some food for them. :-)

Rachel and Ruth immediately got collecting - not at all worried about the pigs.
Hannah was a bit unsure though. She was eventually happy to walk with me.

And the tree really is BIG.
The girls did a good job and had fun doing it too.

Inquisitive pigs. :-)
And before we left Ruth got a few wipes in. The pigs get a bit nervous if you come towards them, so she did a good job in getting close enough and then quickly wiping them before they walked off.

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