Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lovely sun

It really was wonderful to see the sun today. The girls did not take long to get out there and enjoy it. And it's only been three days of cloud - it's not like it's been weeks of it. I notice it most with Hannah and her energy levels - she really benefits from this outdoor exercise. :-)
Ruth called and told me that Patches was eating something. At first I thought Tiger might have left her some of a bird or rabbit but she assured me that it was the whole animal. It must have been a baby ferret or stoat as it was tiny. Patches could not really get into it though so we suspect Tiger may have caught it - found it was not all that good to eat and then just left it for Patches to find. A good reminder to keep those chooks locked up at night and to keep that trap set.
We had a nice surprise call this afternoon from Anna to ask if they could come for a quick visit. Olivia will be turning 3 on Monday. It took her a little bit of time to warm up but eventually her and Hannah were playing away nicely.
And for dinner we had Curried Chicken pieces with Chicken flavoured Rice risotto with veg. This chicken is the best ever - I don't know why I have not made it more often. Ok - I know why - because you need a tin of mushroom soup as well as cream and I never really buy things like that. But I had planned this meal and made sure I had the tin of soup. I got cream off the fresh milk and I am so glad I made it. I kept saying "this is so good". I did not really care what anyone else though. :-) I have had this recipe since high school and I am sure I have not made it in the last 10 years. I wonder if I have even made it in our almost 14 years of marriage. I know it will be made far more regularly now. I will get the recipe on soon.

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