Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac day

I was feeling quite tired after the weekend so I decided to not attend the Anzac day service with Rachel as I had originally planned. I decided it would be easier with the younger ones at home. So we dropped Rachel off in her Guide uniform with the wreath that they would lay and we headed home. Sarah had already offered for Rachel to spend the afternoon with them and Rachel was so excited when she found out about the plans this morning. It ended up being a good thing she had taken a bag with a change of clothes with her as we got a call at around 4 asking if she could stay the night. Rachel was so excited when she got the "yes" from Dad. How nice to give her this special treat. Brendon was finished work just before lunch and we had a really lazy afternoon. It drizzled most of the day so it was nice to just be home and rest.
Another reason I was possibly feeling quite tired by 10 this morning was that I had already put on a HUGE pot of chicken soup. Thankfully I have a lovely electric mandolin slicer (I think I have mentioned it before but never taken a photo to show you) so that made the veggie prep really quick. It's especially nice for doing lovely fine slices - perfect for chicken soup. That cooked away the whole day and then all that was left to do was take the chicken off the bone. Another 4 meals prepared today so the freezer is getting nicely stocked up. :-)

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