Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wood cut

We had arranged with Brian to come and cut the wood for the cabinet this morning. Unfortunately on the very first cut something on the blade stripped and Brendon and Brian had to dismantle the whole thing to replace the blade.
Eventually after 11:30 they were back to cutting. Brian is getting old now and struggles to speak and is loosing his strength but he really enjoyed doing this with Brendon today. I don't think he can do much woodwork on his own anymore. And Brendon ended up learning loads about the equipment too.
In the afternoon he sanded the edges all down and the plan is to start varnishing tomorrow.
Because of the blade problems we ended up staying far longer this morning that we had originally planned and so Julia made lunch for us all. We had a lovely time visiting with her and she was really impressed with how well Brian had been talking during our visit. He does so enjoy company and he loves his woodwork - so it really was a win win situation today. We have beautifully cut wood and Brian had a great time too.
The girls were so funny this morning. For morning tea (at 9:30) before we left for Brian they shared some of Ruth's lolly. They were in the bathroom laughing hysterically at their blue tongues.

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