Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Milk alternatives

Since Friday I had stayed off dairy completely and my stomach has been fine. So this morning I decided to try a bit of yogurt and muesli for breakfast. Well a few hours later I had terrible cramps again and then my poor system got flushed out again. I was instantly drained but thankfully had an electrolyte replacement in the fridge so drank that - which helped a bit. When I took the girls down for ballet I stopped in at the shops and was so very pleased to find boxes of both goat's milk and rice milk. So I will try these over the next week and hopefully I will have found a milk alternative. It's especially hard when your diet is so limited to start with. So to be able to have a bowl of cereal every now and again is really helpful.
As I was exhausted again this afternoon I went to nap with Hannah and while Rachel finished up her school work I allowed Ruth to do some art work - on her own. It was nice for her to have complete freedom with her paste and whatever she found in the art draws. She made these "surprises" for everyone in the family and can't wait for the paste to dry so she can hand them out.

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