Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to school

Back to work for all of us today. Ruth was SO excited that her next posting from the Correspondence School had arrived over the weekend. She got stuck in straight away being doctor to Hannah. With a working stethoscope this was SO much fun.
I got stuck into doing some washing and as the weather was so good I decided to do two loads. And as my new machine is really big that meant a HUGE amount of washing to hang up. It definitely was a bit too much though as I was again exhausted by the end of the day. To give me a rest Brendon took the girls to ballet and even took Hannah with and spent time at the park with her. All the walking Hannah did meant she was exhausted too and fell asleep so quickly.
Rachel still had a bit of Math to get finished after dinner and so I sat with her. She hit a bit of a bump with this last lesson and needed just a bit of encouragement. It's not simple work mind you - with sums like 692,436 divided by 321. But she is getting the hang of it and is very excited that there are only 5 lessons left in this year's work. That reminds me - I had better order her next book. :-)

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