Friday, February 4, 2011

Wind and water

Enjoying afternoon snacks when Dad got home.
While I finally got to the lovely beetroot that Kerry gave me on Sunday. I made a jelly salad for tomorrow and the rest I grated and bottled. I will post the recipe of the salad tomorrow.
It was so very hot this afternoon and the girls were very keen to get down to the pool. I knew though that there was practice till 4:30 so they had to wait a bit. As there was wind again they decided to try the kite again today. Yesterday it was just to gusty. Today however the kite got up really well. So while I finished up the beetroot they headed over to a more open space.

Once I was done I came to get a few photos.
Just as I took the photo of Hannah having a turn it hurt her hands and so she let go. Dad had to run after it to catch it.
Rachel enjoys getting it to move around a bit.

Something so simple can bring so much fun.

Just before they stopped Dad decided to see how high he could get it to go. I think the next time they try they will put both strings on and try and do some tricks.

Then we headed down to the pool. Hannah was so excited to see Violet there. Violet was just going to get out when we arrived but on seeing Hannah she told her mother she wanted to stay in longer. They had such a lovely time.
Ruth is enjoying her funny looking togs so much. Dad did 6 or 8 lengths while the girls played in the small pool and so he was exhausted and got out. So when Ruth headed over to the big pool Rachel stayed with her. Eventually Ruth just wanted to go deeper and deeper. This was about where they had to turn around though as Rachel wisely felt that if Ruth needed help she would not feel confident enough. They had loads of fun.

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Good kite-flying pics - the one of Rachel composed from slightly below her? Takes advantage of the sky, and Rachel's arm leading you across the pic. Yay! Glad that you are having morning sickness...well not GLAD, for your sake, but the hormones must be strong!