Sunday, February 6, 2011

So very hot

Ruth is very excited every week when I tell her how big the baby is. It all started at 4 weeks when she asked me how big the baby was. So I showed her a dot on a page and she was so excited to show Dad when he got home that day. So every week I update her. At 5 weeks baby is about the length of a sesame seed and by 6 weeks the length of a chocolate sprinkle (or other flavoured cake decoration). And although still tiny the heart already has a regular beat and although not completely developed, all the major body organs are formed. So amazing.
By 9 this morning we already knew this day was going to be a scorcher. I had already spent an hour in bed as I was just exhausted and the heat sure was not helping. So we headed down to the pool to cool off. Although Hannah did get some swimming in while I took a few photos she ended up sitting next to me on the step there while the others swam. I did not even have the energy to do one length - but the cool water did help refresh us all.
The temperature got up to 36 today and it was really humid too. A hard day to cope with when you have first trimester exhaustion and morning sickness.
This afternoon Ruth wanted something to do and so she came up with the idea of looking for all the "L" things in her sticker book (to go with her "L" learning this week). This is a lovely Bible sticker book with hundreds of stickers (people, animals, numbers, letters, transport, food - all from the bible).
After dinner the girls and Brendon had ice cream cones to help cool off. That did not appeal to me but I was still so hot. I remembered I had different berries in the freezer so got some vanilla ice cream and made a thick berry shake. Hannah came in to "share" it with me and soon brought her chair over so she could sit and wait for her sips.
Thankfully there is rain forecast for tomorrow and perhaps even some cloud for another day or two. That would be a very welcome change.

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