Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Most of the day in bed

I was feeling ok when I woke this morning although I had not slept well. The wind got worse through the night and kept me up quite a bit. Hannah was up at 6 as well and I knew she would not get back to sleep due to the continuing wind. She loved watching the "purple" in the sky. She is not normally up early enough to see the beautiful sunrises and so really enjoyed it this morning.
Thankfully she kept herself busy while I did my reading. When I looked over I saw she had climbed into the toy box in order to get what she count not reach.
The peach that I had eaten when I woke was obviously not quite enough for me though and by 7 I was so hungry. Unfortunately I noticed yesterday that although I am getting as hungry as I have over the last 2 weeks, I just don't really want to eat anything. So the thought of having porridge was just too much. So I pulled out one of my "emergency morning sickness" cereal boxes and manged to eat some of that while the girls had ricies. But then I was off to bed. I was feeling horrible. I am hoping it's not morning sickness setting in and just a combination of a very busy day yesterday, not a good night's sleep and not enough food early enough this morning.
Thankfully an hour in bed helped me feel much better. By 8 I was up again and got Ruth up and eating. She had also been disturbed by the wind last night and so had needed a sleep in.

I was up for a little, giving the girls ideas of what they could do and then went back to bed. Ruth loves the fact that she is starting to learn how to use the ipod and can find her songs with "L" in (I created a play list with a few songs to go with her "L" theme for this week). I heard Rachel singing "This little light of mine" with the girls (which is Ruth's theme song this week with "L") and they played really nicely together. I had enough energy to get morning tea for the girls at 10 and then went back to bed. I got up to make lunch and then Hannah and I went back to bed. Eventually at 3 she woke up and I dragged myself to the lounge when Brendon got home just after 3. What a day. I can't believe how tired I am.
Rachel helped get pasta cooking and grated the cheese in the food processor for mac and cheese for dinner.

As Brendon got stood on by a pig today and has a very painful foot, going down to the pool was not an option but as the girls were so hot we put the sprinkler on for them while I got the mac and cheese done for dinner. With chopped up salami it was a nice quick meal to prepare and Brendon said it was the nicest one I have made. So perhaps the key is grating the cheese nice and fine in the food processor. Will remember that for next time.

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