Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning sickness history

Another rough day for me. I had about an hour of "normal" this morning which I used to get the most important items on my "to-do-list" done. Rachel took these photos of Hannah this morning. They were having their morning tea fruit outside (the plums are really juice but really messy) and Hannah decided to try Dad's big boots on. Such a sweety.
A beef stew for dinner out the freezer and I had another hour of "normal" after dinner which allowed me to get a big fruit salad made. Brendon had bought a couple of extra things for this - hoping that it will just give me a change from having a peach to snack on.

The girls enjoyed playing one of Ruth's new games today (that arrived in her school pack).

And I was really thankful for a bit of time this evening of not being exhausted or feeling sick so I can get my blog caught up. :-)
I was really encouraged this evening when I looked through Rachel and Hannah's pregnancy notes. At first I tried to work out how many weeks I was when we came to NZ as I know I was not sick at that stage. I was only 11 weeks. So that was good news. I am sure the morning sickness must have been over by at least 9 or 10 weeks. I can picture myself spending days in bed when Ruth was just a year old - but I don't remember how long it lasted. I then went to have a look at Rachel's notes and saw that I only had morning sickness for 2 weeks. So here's hoping we have a repeat on that. At least I know that if the morning sickness eases up over the next week or two it does not mean there is anything wrong - it will be a welcome relief.

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Fiona Macneil said...

I do hope the sickness eases up, I really know how bad it is. But with me it went on till at least 16 weeks, so hopefully you have a repeat of your other pregnancies!