Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ballet started

I had another hard morning today but was again thankful for the break in nauseousness in the afternoon. Maureen was going to come and see me this morning but she had another lady go into labour so is hoping to come tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps an afternoon visit is a much better idea.

Rachel and Ruth started back at Ballet this afternoon. The teacher has split the youngest group (with 12 last year) and now has 2 groups of 7. Thankfully Ruth is in the second group at 4pm and then Rachel just after her at 4:45. With early starting times at work Brendon is able to get home in time for me to leave Hannah with him which makes it easier as it's a long time for her to be out (and quiet).
Today Ruth used some of her pocket money to buy lolly pops for the three of them. While I did some fruit shopping she went over and chose specific colours for her sisters. She has such a giving heart and I am so thankful for this.

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