Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sun and soil

Another beautiful sunrise. Such incredible colours.
This was another first for Tiger since Jaz's visit. He actually got onto his normal sitting spot in the lounge. After a bit of grooming he actually lay down and slept. Granted - Jaz was out of sight but a little later when Jaz came to the sliding door Tiger did not bolt. He just stood up and raised his back. Then he relaxed a little before jumping off the chair and getting out of the dog's sight. So it really is taking him a while. I think he is going to be very pleased when Jax goes home.
Brendon got out to the garden to do some picking when he got home. What a lovely big lettuce (and it tasted good too).
We had picked the beetroot a couple of days ago and I finally got to cook it this afternoon. I so enjoyed the little ones as soon as they were ready (they were long gone by the time the photo was taken).
I have fond memories of my Dad cooking up beetroot and giving me pieces of them while they were still warm. Yummyyyy.
We all had a taste of the warm ones and then I tried to find a recipe for bottling them. Well there were so many different suggestions. I finally decided on the simplest one (especially as I don't have that much to bottle). This was the first time I have ever cooked beetroot - so I was hoping the bottled pieces would be as successful as the just-cooked pieces.
Slice the cooked beetroot. As you put pieces into the bottle sprinkle with sugar and salt. Once the bottle is full pour vinegar into the bottle to about half way. Fill with water. Close and shake.
(PS: We tasted it the next day and it was lovely)

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