Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Brendon

Chocolate cheesecake with 37 and a heart.

It was lovely to again have the Phillipses here to celebrate Brendon's birthday. They visited us last year and Brendon's first birthday after moving to NZ we were visiting them in Timaru. So out of the 4 birthdays he has had in NZ we have celebrated 3 with them. A nice tradition starting here.

I am so glad we were able to get the tramp fixed - hours of fun have been had out there and in the sandpit over the last 24 hours.
Grant decided he wanted to have a drive around our little township. While checking out the shops (the one 4 square) he picked up the paper and the men read a bit before lunch.
Please make a note of those headlines.
Then it was time for Rachel's home made pasta for lunch. Well done Rachel - it was lovely.
And this is the new record for our table - 13.
We have had a lovely visit with the Phillipses although it was very short. We really appreciate the effort they put in to driving all the way to us. We look forward to probably visiting them in March.
The girls have a tradition of running down the front garden waving as guests drive away.
Then it felt like Christmas again as we went through the 3 big bags of clothes the Phillipses left for us. What a blessing.

And I must include this photo of Brendon with his new shirt. What a sexy man I have.
Happy Birthday my love.

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