Friday, January 7, 2011

Colossians in a year

Rachel got up early today and so got to see this beautiful sky (5:40am).

It really was like swishes of paint. So stunning.

Hannah noticed these clouds and wanted me to take a photo. So unique.
A friend on facebook mentioned something about capturing a single moment for 365 days. So I thought (even though we are a week late) it would be fun to take a photo of the girls every morning through the year. Here is the first one. I won't post them every day but hopefully I will be able to keep it up and then at the end of the year I can work out how to do a little video with all the photos. It will be fun to see how much they grow and change.
Please also note the matching clothes. These girls just love dressing the same (especially Rachel and Ruth). So much fun. :-)
This afternoon Rachel watched a video about an Australian poet. Ruth hopped on my lap for a cuddle and it was not long before she was asleep. I managed to lie down with her and then Hannah came out of her room (she had not slept) and watched the rest with us.
I have a number of blogs that I follow and on one of them yesterday I saw this idea to memorize the whole of Colossians through 2011 (it's just 2 verses per week). So I downloaded the booklet and we got started last night. I recorded myself reading the verses and we listened to verse 1 and 2 through dinner. It's great to have the iPod as I can just save the verses we are doing into a playlist and then we just listen to that over and over again. It's great as we get to feed our bodies as well as our souls. Normally after dinner Brendon will read from the New Testament but we will take a break from that for a couple of days each week as we start new verses and rather spend that time discussing the verses and answering any questions the girls have on what we are learning. It will be fun to try this together as a family and I hope we are able to keep it up. Here is the link.

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