Friday, December 3, 2010

Tree up

The girls were very excited about putting the Christmas tree up this morning. We will be doing our Jesse Tree again this year - I just seem to be a bit slow on getting things going. I knew I had to re-make my earth and so we got our paper mache going the other day for this. It just takes a few days to dry.
We have all the other decorations from last year, so I am hoping to just do more crafty things with the girls. We will have to see how things go though. I feel things are just really busy. So whatever we get to I will be thankful for.
Hannah was pleased that her paper mache helmet was dry. Now we have to just get painting.
On the way to Music and Movement this morning we spotted these driving down the main street. Only in the country. :-)
The girls enjoy having Music and Movement at the Play centre now as they get to enjoy this before things start.Sarah always sings a welcome song and today it was "Welcome Hannah, with your denim skirt on, Welcome Rachel, with your denim skirt on. Welcome Ruth with your denim skirt on too". And if she chose tops they were all purple. :)

We got down to the pool again this afternoon. It was a bit too windy for me though. This is the traditional way the girls drive down the drive on our way home from the pool. I know it's something simple, but it's letting children do these simple little things that creates lovely memories for them.
It was the Lion's concert this evening and the Music and Movement group sang one of their songs. Unfortunately the cd with the music was not there, but in that way you get to see how well the children can sing the song without the music. Brendon took the little two down and said during the 2nd song Hannah really got dancing and had everyone laughing.

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