Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A blessed birthday

I felt so very blessed today. I have such an amazing family. Without my knowing Brendon had booked a day's leave for today, booked us in for lunch and organized a baby sitter. He even organized for me to get my hair cut this morning (it had been bothering me as it was getting so long but I just never get around to doing anything about it).
We had a lovely lunch at the Mud House. Brendon had one of their "wild pies" and I had a lovely Lamb Salad. Finished off with chocolate cake and delicious coffee.
When we got home it was time for the cake. Although Brendon and I were still to full (we ate our pieces later) it was nice to share it with Julia before she left. Rachel made the cake for me last night while I was out at a GirlGuiding meeting.

A lovely strawberry cheesecake. Well done Rachel - and thank you. So very special to have my cake made for me.
I also got many lovely spontaneous cuddles through the day which was wonderful.
Not to mention my special cards.

Rachel did dots for Ruth to write over. So Special.

I got some tinsel while I was in town
yesterday and it transformed our ladder.

It was also great to finally get a start to the Jesse Tree that we are doing for the Christmas Tree festival on Saturday.

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