Saturday, November 13, 2010

Smile, bake and sew

It was really lovely having the Campbells stay over for the last 3 nights. When we got back from our North Island holiday in March we asked Ruth what her favourite part was. She said "visiting Nathan and Seth". So it was lovely to get to strengthen those relationships and even get Hannah in on it. :-)
Ruth's correspondence school posting arrived today and she was so very excited about her next topic - baking. So already today we had to try out one of the recipes from the lovely book she has from their library. Chocolate covered banana. I will post more photos on Ruth's blog of all that she is learning.
Rachel has done all the cross stitch work on her project and did the edges today. She made a couple of small mistakes but I think she realises how impressed I am with her work. It was a very detailed pattern and she did a wonderful job (it is only 4 or 5cm high). Now I need to find some time to help her work out the rest of the pattern - making tassels and things. It's not finished yet!

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