Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old and new

After church this morning we found a jewelry store to take Brendon's wedding ring off. With the hot weather we have been having it is starting to cut into his finger and the knuckle is so much bigger that it is impossible to take it off. We have asked them to make it bigger and hopefully that will look ok (they just add a bit in).
Then we had a bit of shopping to do and it felt so strange for me to be buying things that I never normally buy. I made a list from Ruth's correspondence school library book of the ingredients we will need for some of the recipes. I know she will want to get cooking.
After I had done the grocery shopping we stopped in at anther shop to see if we could find some summer shoes for Rachel. While we were busy Ruth and Hannah tried to climb onto the trolley and it fell over - ONTOP of Hannah. Her leg was instantly bruised with a thick line across her knee.
We got some ice at a local food shop and applied that for a while - happy to see her able to move her leg and toes (but in a lot of pain). So we headed home. Sorry Rachel - no shoes today. When we got home we put the ice pack on her knee and wrapped her up in a blanket to keep warm. She lay watching Andre Rieu and soon felt a lot better.
I had enough energy this afternoon to suggest we make one of Ruth's recipes for desert. She was thrilled and the result was really yummy. For the recipe and all the photos click here.

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