Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fireworks part 2

I loved the facination on Hannah's face
as she watched the clown make a balloon
animal for her.
 It was great that they had a clown to entertain the children. It was a long wait from 6pm to after 9pm when the fireworks started.
A fancy balancing act.

Enjoying the sugar straw that
Hannah was given at the
jumping castle.

I wish I could have captured the absolute joy on the girls
faces as they laughed at the cloun.
The lovely blue patch of sky were we were.

Ruth noticed the brass band as soon as we arrived and
started telling me about the different instruments that
she could see. When we went up closer they just stopped
for a break. The drummer offered the girls a turn.

A beautiful sunset (already after 8pm). And it still has to
get dark. The girls did really well for being up so very late.
Poor photo quality but still a treat
to see a one wheel bike.
9pm and it was finally dark enough for the fireworks.
Unfortuantely it took another 25 min to start. The
anitcipation and excitement build as they waited.

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