Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The effect of one day at school!!!!!

I can not believe the effect one day at "normal" school has had on Rachel. When she got up this morning I asked her to make bread first as we did not have any for lunch. I was shocked to hear bread making noises from the kitchen 45 minutes later. I went to find out what she had been doing (thinking perhaps she had spent ages on the toilet or had read her bible first) only to find out that ALL she has been doing for the last 45 minutes is making the bread. Please understand that "making the bread" only means putting the ingredients into the bread maker which normally takes her less than 10 minutes. She says she can't seem to remember what she is supposed to be doing (even though she does have a recipe and does not need to remember what to put in).
Add to that the fact that she was too tired to even do music practice yesterday afternoon I am really looking forward to getting back to our own "school" routine (and I think she is too). I realize that the teacher that she visited with yesterday may read this - so let me add that she had a lovely day yesterday and we were both thankful for the opportunity she had to visit the class. It is a shock however to see what the effect has been on her mind. Last week went so well with her new "daily and weekly tasks" set up. Every day she was excited about how quickly she could get everything done. I do hope it does not take long to get my Rachel back.

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