Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Butterflies, grass and fish?

It was so exciting for the girls at Ballet today as they got to try on one of their outfits for the concert. The little butterflies look just lovely and their practice today on this dance went really well. It was the first time that could do it without the help of the teacher and I. It was so wonderful to watch them doing it on their own. I felt so proud of them all. Loads of work still needed on the second dance - but we made a breakthrough today. The group is split into Jellyfish and Lobsters. While the teacher takes the lobsters off to do their thing I help the jellyfish to remember their (different) part. When they started the Fish dance today I had run off to call Rachel who was at the playground with Hannah. When I got back the teacher called me desperately to come and help again. But I think she worked with my group and realized that the girl on the end of the line was just not up to the job of leading the group.

So she changed them around and the new leader was a great success. So even though there is still a LOT of work on the Fish dance - I feel we made a breakthrough today.
And talking about fish. Rachel also has a Fish dance. She was thrilled to try on her outfit today. She is the leader of the fish and there is a shark that chases them. At the end the fish work together and catch the shark. :-)
It's that time of year again when we get to see grass being
cut and put into bales. Opportunities to learn all around us.

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