Sunday, November 21, 2010

Body Tree

We just wanted to lie on the couch quietly but within seconds Ruth was on top of Brendon and then Hannah decided this was a nice "tree" and she would be the top. Thankfully Rachel was happy to just take the photo and not try and be a part of the body tree. :-)

This afternoon we got to plant some of the seedlings that were getting too big for their pots. The ground under our box/straw section is wonderfully moist and full of worms. We compared that to a section we did some weeding in that did not have the boxes down and it was very dry and hard (not to mention the fact that there were weeds there and there are NONE in the boxed section). So we are very pleased with how it's looking. Hopefully the seedlings take nicely. You never know if there will be some late frosts. The strawberry plants (at the back in the box section and on the left in the unboxed weedy section) are looking really good. Hopefully we will have lots of lovely strawberries to eat this season.

A funny video I took of Hannah earlier this week. She is such a sweety and gets us all laughing.

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