Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Practice and pajamas

I am constantly amazed at God's wonderful provision which goes far about even our "needs". His latest provision is a small violin for Ruth - for FREE. We will get it within the next week or two but just talking about it has motivated Rachel to get back to her music practice. So she has started practicing her piano, recorder and ukulele. We had a lovely time together with her on her ukulele and me on my guitar. She got to realize how different the strumming is for a 3/4 or a 2/4 beat song.
Ruth decided she would like a nap this afternoon but Hannah did NOT need one today and kept Ruth awake. It was not long before I found Hannah in Ruth's bed with her. Also notice the pink pajamas she has on. She regularly find some to put on over her clothes. Such a funny little girl. But I do need to work out what we are going to do with Ruth. She is still needing the extra sleep.

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