Monday, October 4, 2010

Green eggs and Ham?

Well, it was more like Green sauce and Bacon! We had quite a few mushrooms that needed to be cooked up so Rachel and I made a bacon and mushroom sauce for the pasta tonight. I am not sure if it was from all of Rachel's stirring or just because there were so many mushrooms, but the sauce ended up grey. It was really unappetising so I suggested we try and change the colour. The immediate unanimous vote was for GREEN! The girls thought it was wonderful having green sauce.
And this is a regular evening tradition. The two younger girls run to their beds and hide under their covers - hiding from Dad. It's so funny to watch how Hannah tries to get herself covered and ends up pulling the entire blanket over herself. Here Dad is finding some little piggies (this little piggy......). It always amazes me that they can have this loud laughing playing time just before bed and it does not stop them from getting to sleep quickly. After hugs and kisses all round we then all "sing" "goodnight, sleep tight, see you in the morning, love you". Such sweet girls. :-)

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