Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cows and care

Rachel rode down to get the post today and loved having all the cows run with her. This video give you a small idea. When she first road down they came running from the other side of the field.
Unfortunately I woke up with a very sore leg muscle. So no squash today. Ruth said she wanted to rub some anti-flam on for me - my little doctor. :-) I do hope it heals quickly. My back is feeling better today so I know how important the squash is going to be in getting my back sorted. Brendon still got quite a bit done in the garden this morning though - I just went from being a gardening helper to a story teller - I sat and read to him while he did the gardening. Rachel helped a bit too and we had some lovely discussions about the book I was reading. So even though it was not nice to be "out of action" physically it ended up being a lovely time none the less.

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