Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cloud, computer, swim and violin

What a delicate start to the day.
So peaceful and pretty.
We had a very busy day in town and I was disappointed that I did not have my camera with. Here are the things I should have taken photos of:
This morning Rachel attended JOTI / JOTA which is Jamboree over the Internet / Airways. So a number of Scots, Cubs, Guides and Brownies spent time over this weekend "chatting" to other Scouts and Guides from all over the world.
After church we had been invited to lunch and after the meal the children all had a "swim" in the spa pool. Hannah was really nervous at first but they all ended up having such a fun time.
And the absolute highlight for Ruth..... fetching her violin. She has been so looking forward to this. We got home late but made sure she could at least take it out of it's case and get to hold it. What a happy little girl.

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