Thursday, September 23, 2010

Post and posy

This morning I suggested we all go fetch the post as it would give Ruth an opportunity to ride her bike. She has finally gotten strong enough to ride on the shingle (gravel) drive which is so much harder than on seal (tar). It's a 1,4km trip so Ruth did really well to cycle all that way. She was so quick coming back that we had to often ask her to wait for us to catch up with her. It ended up being a good thing Rachel did not go down on her bike as this box had also been dropped off. It was lovely how Smokey walked almost the whole way with us too. She stopped just over half way but waited for us and joined us on the way home. I never thought you could take a cat for a walk. :-)
Rachel and I have been reading "The Seaside Family" to Ruth and we finished it today. The date stamp on this book is 1959 so it's at least 51 years old. It's one of the big collection we got from Brendon's parents and Ruth really enjoyed it. She is pleased though that we will now start "The Magical Faraway Tree". She enjoyed "The Enchanted wood" and so looks forward to more of their adventures.
This afternoon Rachel and Ruth made some more flowers and I arranged then in a little posy to give to Auntie Lynda who was coming to stay with the younger two while I took Rachel to Brownies. Hannah was excited about being the one to give her the flowers.
I got some different coloured tissue paper when we were in town on Wednesday and I much prefer how these came out. I even sprayed the posy with some perfume so they smelt really nice too.

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