Friday, September 3, 2010

Evening out

This evening Brendon and I went to the North Canterbury Business Awards with 9 other couples from the farm. The farm almost completely subsidised the tickets. Instead of paying $140 each we only paid $20. What a treat to go to such a "fancy dinner" (in Rachel's words).
Patoa Farms won the "Department of Labour Exceptional Employer of Choice" award and they really do deserve it. What a testimony they are to the world. Two godly families running their company on God's principles. He really has blessed them and they have been a blessing to many. Including us.
A company that stood out to me on the evening was Envirocomp Ltd which is a company that are the first in the world to compost all brands of disposable nappies. Well done New Zealand for being the world leaders in this. I am hopefully that their idea will take off and that eventually this technology will be used all over the world. Check them out at
They won the "New Emerging Business Award", the "Sustainability Award" as well as the "Supreme Business Award" (the winners from each section were put forward for this top award). What a genius idea and what amazing work for one family to get this going.

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